Who Are We?

A-List Hollywood Tours is a family owned Hollywood tour and sightseeing company that we have created to combat the usual tour that is found on Hollywood Boulevard. Bill, our expert tour guide, began giving guided Hollywood tours after retiring from financial services. He found his new job to be a fascinating experience, especially after spending his time in a hectic job of trading stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. He immediately fell in love with the subject of Hollywood, the tourists, and the adventures that his tours could provide. He quickly plunged into the Hollywood culture, soaking up all the history and knowledge that he could. 

After working at many other tour companies, Bill became disgusted with the quality of service that the current tour companies offered on Hollywood Boulevard and decided that he could do better, and he did. With the help of his children, Will and Ashleigh, and a close friend, Noah, A-List Hollywood Tours was soon born!

With our sightseeing tour company, we do not accept mediocre or the basic. We provide a level of comfort and quality that is unprecedented in the current industry. We provide extraordinary customer service and a personalized experience with specialized tour guides that will amaze and intrigue, not only those who have never stepped into Hollywood or L.A. before, but also the locals that have lived in the area their whole lives. 

To achieve these goals, we started from the basics: OUR CUSTOMERS. Bill noticed that the workers of the other tour companies neglected customers after they had paid and boarded the tour bus. He resented the treatment of the them and imagined something better. As a way to counter this, Noah, a charming Australian gentleman, loads the buses and treats every customer like they are on the red carpet! Especially while taking photos of the customers before they board the tour! Every customer receives complimentary photos we take before they board the bus. He makes you feel like a movie star as he captures you ready for your exciting adventure through Hollywood, Beverly Hills, the Sunset Strip and the Walk of Fame. We, as a company, believe in treating each one of our customers like family in order to provide the best possible experience. 

In our next step to accomplish the goals we had set, we focused on our next topic: the comfort of our customers and the quality of the equipment. At the other companies that Bill had worked, he was embarrassed by the quality of the tour buses that he was required to drive and the other equipment that was used during the tours. So, here at A-List Hollywood Tours, we take pride in our very own customized tour bus. We have specifically chosen our open air bus as a way for a customers to get up close and personal to all of the landmarks, celebrity homes, and any other attractions that we may encounter. Our tours are sprinkled with many possible surprise appearances and we want you to be ready for any excitement that we may see. Who knows what celebrity may pop up at any moment!

Now, after fifteen years of experience between Bill and Noah, all the hard work we have put into our company, we can use the knowledge that we have gained to entertain and please people. We are able to enthrall those customers who have picked our tour company in the magic that only Hollywood, Los Angeles, and Beverly Hills could offer. We have chosen not to sacrifice quality in our tours so that each trip will seep with the history and glamour that has attracted so many tourists and natives alike. We have provided the customer service, comfort, and quality that Bill had desired in the companies that he had worked for in the past. We have gathered only the best tour guides with a certain knowledge, intellect, wit and humor to intertwine facts and stories to interest and enchant people from all wakes of life. 

If you are looking for a tour company that will provide an experience like no other, go ahead and click that "BOOK NOW" button and join our crew on an adventure that will last a lifetime and more!